Landscape view of Mornington House

Mornington House

Bedroom at Morninton House

BedroomDining Room

Dining room at Mornington House

Dining Room

3 Responses to “Gallery”

  1. Angela Welsh Ryan said

    I am so delighted to find you on the internet. I was there in July of 2000 with my late husband and his parents. We absolutely loved our time there. Such a wonderful house and setting.

    I have the greatest video of my husband Matt and I being acosted by hundreds of flys while walking to the lake. I remember your two dogs because I missed mine and they accompanied us to the lake on thier own mission.

    Delightful memories! Thank you.

    Angela Welsh Ryan

  2. morningtonhouse said

    Thank you for your comment. It is always good to hear from guests who have enjoyed their stay with us. Caspar and Cleo are now buried along side each other. We now have two donkeys, Holly & Noddy and 8 young hens who we haven’t named yet! Do stay in touch. Best wishes, Anne & Warwick

  3. Larry Usignol said

    Greetings from the States, Anne and Warwick:
    My email today included a newsletter from the Hidden Ireland program, which had a spotlight article on Mornington House. My wife Charlotte and I visited your home in September 2010 through a booking made through Hidden Ireland. We had a splendid visit, and you were both wonderful hosts. When we discuss with family and friends our trips over the years, we often tell them about the candlelit dinner we enjoyed in your stately dining room, all to ourselves. It was our first experience in a manor home, and it could not have been better!
    Our best wishes for continued success,

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