March is the month the O’Hara family celebrate birthdays. Three members of the family have birthdays in the month. With our young living overseas it means using Skype calls to stay in touch on a weekly basis. So different to the time when Warwick and I were living on different continents and phone calls needed to be pre-booked and limited to time before an operator interrupted to tell you that you were out of time. To say that communication has changed massively is an understatement. When we first opened as for B&B having a fax machine was considered progressive. We stilll have the machine in situ but it is seldom used Today the young are on their phones 24/7. Smart phones virtually glued to their ears as they walk down the street. The first thing that guests ask for as they enter the house is for our wifi code They need to stay in touch with family and businesses. Mornington is an ideal location for families to hire the house and have sole occupancy.

Hellibores are in full flower.

Daffodils are becoming congested

Daffodils and hellibores are becoming congested

Holly and Noddy

Holly and Noddy enjoying the sunshine.