Yoga with The Stables at Mornington

December 3, 2015


Yoga with The Stables at Mornington


With yet another successful weekend yoga retreat behind us, we’re hoping to get others excited about spending an entire weekend at The Stables at Mornington! For an entire weekend of indulgence, rest and fabulous relaxation.

Why We Want You To Join Us


Freedom begins here. We want you to refresh and rebuild your mind, body and spirit. That’s why The Stables at Mornington is the perfect, relaxing atmosphere to do just that!

Your retreat can also include an Indian Head Massage, Reflexology or Reiki session; as well as a stay at The Mornington House. We also offer special booking prices for those who stay with in one of our rooms in Mornington House!

What To Expect In Your Stable Yoga Class

Our amazing instructor Catherine likes to creatively deepen the knowledge of alignment, clarity and balance (both emotionally & mentally), and spiritual way of being within each of our yoga students. She really works the room, making each student feel special, when helping you make the exact adjustments for a better move. Catherine’s presence, physical skills, versatility and personalization really make her one amazing yogi for a weekend retreat.

Yoga classes at The Stables are designed to strengthen and balance the body, mind and spirit within the recently renovated stable space set amongst the gorgeous countryside of Westmeath County. All while lifting you up and providing a sense of purpose within the spiritual energy that is brought into each yoga class here at The Stable.


All we ask is that you bring your mat or blanket and yoga cushion. We keep some spare mats, blankets and cushions available if you forget yours or want to pack light. Tea and biccies are also provided for a cheeky little treat.

Contact Mornington House at or +44 93 72191 for more details!



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