Great song but simply sung and hard to live up to. We have enjoyed the warm sunny days as we have picked strawberries, red and black currants by the ton. Time spent indoors has been limited to those crucial jobs that need to be carried out to ensure guests’  comfort and satisfaction.  Cleaning and laundry, crucial but very necessary chores in our business take up a great deal of time. Inevitably jam and chutney-making have or are going-on hand in glove with the harvest of fruit and vegetables from the garden. So time spent on the computer was spent dealing with bookings and potential customers’ queries. There has little time to spend on updating my blog of life at Mornington.


MaryB and Hens 007

The following was the beginning of this episode typed back in June!

June brought warm sunny days and trees, shrubs and plants are bursting into flower. There was an urgency, as if to catch up with the time lost to cold weather. We had been trying to catch up by potting on the fuschias and geraniums which overwinter in the greenhouse. They were booted out when the nights were still cold as the peppers and tomatoes needed to be planted in the greenhouse raised beds.

July, arrived and whilst thousands were coming for The Gathering events in Ireland, The O’Hara clan headed to Denmark and to Ringkobing, a small town on the west coast of Jutland where Warwick’s grandmother had been born and baptised.Like so many young people she had emigrated, to North America. Sailing by ship from Hamburg to New York and then by train to the Dakotas. After answering newspaper advertisement for a lady’s companion in The Fraser Valley, British Columbia, she travelled to Canada and became a companion to a Mrs Bulwyer. It was whilst living in Hatzic,B.C. that she met and married William Stanislaus Maher from Co. Wexford, Ireland.

They had five children, four whom survived infancy. Their eldest son was sent  to school in England from British Columbia. The family returned to Ireland in 1915 and set up home in Blackrock, Co Dublin.

Denmark 2013 050

Another Danish Irish Connection

We were able to visit the Viking Ship Museum is Roskilde where the Sea Serpent a replica Viking ship is moored. It was actually built from trees grown in Glendalough, Co. Wicklow, here in Ireland. It is just one of the replica ships to be see at the museum. But that is another story for another time!

Warwick and The Sea Serpent

Warwick and The Sea Serpent

July and The Irish Donkey Society held a Donkey Training Day at Mornington.

The event was well supported and as the day was very hot we availed of the shade created by two sycamore trees on the front lawn as the donkey was put between the shafts of a light weight trap.

Donkey Training Day-2013 007

Welcome shade was provided by two sycamore trees on the front lawn at Mornington.

Donkey Training Day-2013 014

Robert shows how it should be done.


Starter ready for service

Ready for service