Autumn is galloping by.

September 25, 2011

We cantered through August and September is almost over. Friends thought I had fallen down a rabbit hole! So no more gardening, deadheading, picking mangetout, collecting apples or preserving until I have posted the September blog.

Beauty of Bath - Aug '11 001

Beauty of Bath - Aug '11 001

We have been kept fully occupied cooking for guests, baking and making jams and chutneys for Multyfarnham Country Harvest Fair, as well as for friends and family. All the time ensuring that the vases of fresh flowers in the drawing and dining rooms are refilled in time for the arrival of new guests.

Escaped donkeys-Sept '11 004

Holly and Noddy fancied some windfall apples.

The hedge behind Holly was blasted by last years cold weather. So we have waited to see if there is any significant recovery.

Heather's visit- DONKEYS ug '11 008

Young cousins make friends with Holly and Noddy

We were amazed to see Noddy walk up to cousins. He can be quite ‘stand-offish’ , but obviously likes small people.

Marrow Harvest-Sept '11 003

Marrow ready for picking

Last year we had a phenomenal crop of courgettes and no marrows germinated. This year beetles ate the young courgette plants. However, such are the joys of gardening! So I can make Marrow chutney later in October when work in the garden has slowed down.

Globe Artichokes

Globe artichoke bed after a big clean up to remove bind weed and figwort roots.

We will now top the artichokes with a mixture of well rotted manure and compost and cover with straw. In Madeira, where farmers grow a great many artichokes, dead leaves and stalks are piled around the plants to act as a mulch and as they rot down, manure.

Dexter takes a snooze whilst the rest of us work

Dexter takes a snooze whilst the rest of us work

n between, we try get time to begin the process of putting the garden to bed for the winter.

Shredding-Sept '11 001

Knock Eyon through the garden gate