It’s amazing how in spite of all the snow, frost and rain, some plants reappear each spring. In spite of depredation by wandering donkeys! The few garlic cloves planted last autumn are growing well. Other garlic is snuggled under fleece. while yet more is in small pots in the greenhouse. You would almost think we were garlic addicts!

Newly planted shallots covered with fleece

Newly planted shallots and garlic covered with fleece

Experience has shown us that we need to make sure onions, etc are firmly rooted before exposing them to elements to  and over friendly jackdaws and pigeons; who like to play skittles with the bulbs.

Planting shallots

Planting shallots

Adam planting main crop onions whilst Warwick barrows leaves to mulching area. We had a super day, recently, for working in the garden and actually accomplished a great deal.

My mother -in-law always aimed to have daffodils in bloom for Warwick’s birthday at the beginning of March. She planted hundreds of daffodil bulbs in the grounds and under the beech trees. Many have become ‘blind’ (i.e overcrowded or congested). My aim has been to lift and separate some of the clumps and replant in new locations.



I was surprised and somewhat flattered to be asked to be interviewed by Peter Donegan of Peter Donegan Landscaping Ltd.  My father used to accuse me of ‘rabbiting’ By which I think he meant I talked too much! What the link is between talking and rabbiting is lost on me!
However, if you are interested and have a few minutes to spare,  click on the link Peter has a wonderful blog and gardening radio show which you find out more information about on his website, He is, like me, an avid twitterer and you can follow him on twitter @donegangardens.

March is an exceedingly busy time for us as we get ready for the new season of welcoming guests to Mornington. We try to spend the good days in the garden, whilst repainting and decorating in the house on the rainy days. The donkeys, Holly, Molly and Noddy love our guests, especially when they take them a bucket of carrot pieces. The picture below shows Holly and Molly eating the last of the windfalls. When Noddy wants a ‘look-in’ he reverses towards the ladies. They have discovered he has ‘wicked’ heels!

Donkeys eating the last of the windfall apples

Donkeys eating the windfall apples