Snowdrops, donkeys and spring cleaning.

February 5, 2011

Snowdrops breakthrough

Snowdrops breakthrough

The appearance of the first snowdrops on 17th January gave the spirits a lift , after the horrors of sub zero temperatures around Christmas. Frozen pipes meant a lack of water where it was needed; namely in the kitchen and shower and too much water where it certainly wasn’t needed. Leaks have been repaired, damaged carpets removed and now we are sorting out the old servant’s hall aka ‘the playroom’.

My plan is that it will become ‘the garden room’, primarily since it has direct access to the garden. After the changeable years we have had the past two years I need a workroom where I can ‘prick out young plants’, ‘pot on’, take cuttings, etc., etc. The challenge will be to create direct access for my scooter. as the garden is at least a metre higher than the door sill. I believe that a certain amount of earth moving will be involved. We shall see!

Woolly donkeys enjoying the spring sunshin

Woolly donkeys enjoying the spring sunshine

Holly, Molly and Noddy appear from nowhere. They will pose for a photograph but take off when they hear the shutter click. Always nosing in my scooter basket.

I digress. Today has been a day for ‘sorting’.  Re-use, recycle or throw out.  Can you compost ‘old’ computers, etc.?

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